Supplemental Life

It’s not easy to think about, but what if you suddenly died? Your family could be faced with house payments, unpaid bills, childcare and other expenses just to maintain their current lifestyle. Could your family live without your income? Would your family be able to cover the medical expenses associated with a terminal illness or with burial and funeral expenses? You make a great investment in your family. You spend time with them. You care for them. You work for them. And if you’re not there for them, you want them protected. By sponsoring Group Voluntary/Supplemental Life insurance, you’re able offer your employees an excellent opportunity to help protect their loved ones.

The advantages to your employees include:

  • Choice – The employee decides how much coverage they need from the range of amounts available
  • Flexibility – If the employees needs change, they you can apply to change the amount of coverage
  • Convenience – With premiums deducted directly from their paycheck, they don’t have to worry about mailing monthly payments.
  • Peace of Mind – They can take comfort and satisfaction in knowing that they have done something positive for their family’s future.

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services offers a variety of Voluntary / Supplemental Life insurance options. This allows you the opportunity to offer a plan that is both affordable while providing choice for your employees.

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