Annual Marketing and Renewal Analysis

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services continually evaluates the market for alternative health plan options and contract improvements. We provide annual written assessments of your in-force plans that includes a review of cost trends, a comparison of other benefit plans and cost containment measures that will provide you and your plan participants with the best value.

Annual Open Enrollment Meetings

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services works with each client to prepare and implement annual open enrollment meetings. We also develop benefit communication materials and implementation schedules that are approved by the client and the carrier. We coordinate health fairs and wellness programs as well as educate, train and support administrative staff members with the implementation of the group benefits plan.

Benefits Administration

Benefits administration is perhaps the most tedious and thankless task in the human resources area. The amount of paperwork and the time demanded to perform the proper job can burden and HR department. It is particularly overwhelming for a small firm where one individual handles several functions in the business as well as human resources. We often find that companies have trouble administering benefits efficiently and are unfamiliar with the legal requirements.

Benefits Statements for Employees

Statements are provided to show the total compensation earned and provided to an employee. Information provided to an employee on the benefit statement includes:

  • Wages Earned
  • Federal and State Benefits
  • Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Workers Compensation Benefits
  • Paid Time Off

Bi-Lingual Service and Support

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services provides bi-lingual support during and after the enrollment process. We also provide bi-lingual customer service and support on an on going basis.

COBRA Administration

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services has partnered with a Third Party Administrator or to provide COBRA services for our clients. Services include:

  • New Hire Notices – sent directly to the employee
  • Qualifying Event Notices
  • HIPPA Notice
  • Application Processing
  • Billing and Collection
  • Eligibility Tracking and Reporting
  • Premium Payment to Carrier
  • Employer Reporting

Customized and Consolidated Contracts Binder

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services provides comprehensive benefits binder for each client providing detailed information related to the groups benefit program. This quick reference guide includes some of the following information:

  • Insurance Contracts
  • Evidence of Coverage documents
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Enrollment and change forms
  • Insurance carrier contact list
  • Employee New Hire Packets

Employee Communication Booklets and Handouts (English and Spanish)

Communications about new benefit programs or modifications to existing coverage’s via open enrollment forums is routinely provided to our clients. We assist our clients with the explanation of benefit modifications to be distributed to employees, we prepare payroll stuffers, master enrollment forms, benefit summary brochures and coordinate the delivery of enrollment material and related documents to support the changes or modifications.

Employee Handbook Review and Preparation

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services offers services through trusted third party vendors who specialize in the development, review and preparation of Employee Handbooks. Services available include:

  • New Handbook Development
  • Preparation and printing of handbook
  • Employee handbook rollout meetings
  • Revisions to existing employee handbooks
  • Ensure legal compliance of handbook content

Flexible Spending Account Administration

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services has partnered with a Third Party Administrators to provide Flexible Benefit Plan administrative services for our clients. Services include:

  • Online employee access
  • Employee account access via toll free automated number
  • Direct deposit or manual check reimbursements
  • Daily claims adjudication and reimbursement
  • Full payroll contribution reconciliation
  • Employer reporting
  • Debit card option

Employee educational material regarding FSA’s

Online Enrollment and Eligibility

Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services has partnered with a Third Party vendor to provide enrollment, benefit and eligibility support to the HR department and their employees. This online solution is internet deployed and provides for electronic connection with most major carriers and administration support that provide the client with time-saving paperless transactions with carriers. Employees are given an interactive and easy to use self-service tool to elect and review their benefits. Communications and reconciliation tools are standard features provided to HR giving an anytime, real-look at the clients benefits program for more time and money saving results.

Signature Ready 5500 Health and Welfare Filing

ERISA requires that an annual report be filed within seven months after the close of your employee benefits plan year. Douglas • McCarty Insurance Services provides your signature ready 5500 Health and Welfare reports on an annual basis. Our expertise in this area provides an easy and efficient process that keeps you in compliance with the Department of Labor, the Pension Welfare and Benefit Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.